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A Pilgrimage with a Twist - Day 9

Day 9 meant back to work. With an assist from the dig site cook, we arrived to work on time at 6:30am. Otherwise, we may have been 10 minutes late. When we moved back into the hostel after our return from Rome, we were assigned a new room We didn't initially like the new room, but sometimes you just luck out and these beds were so much more comfortable than the ones we had last week.

The local kitty saying hello to Faith

All our colleagues seemed to want to hear about our Rome excursion, but seemed to asked at different times. So after about 15 minutes of sharing our Roman adventure, Faith jumped back into digging and I started washing pottery. Pottery washing was very backed up and needed some attention. I was happy to oblige as it meant being able to sit in a chair instead of the stone and dirt - haha.

Faith had a few more decent finds today. Anything with a design or writing usually meant it was related to a wealthy family and perhaps to a specific family.

Breakfast came quickly today, and so did fruit break and the end of the day which usually finishes with a bucket chain.

Why did the day go by so quickly? It was only about 85 degrees today, with a slight breeze. Also good conversation with Brent, one of administrators about all sorts of topics. He is a wealth of knowledge and a archaeological Christian scholar of sorts.

We headed back to the hostel to get cleaned up and back to the Old City to plan the next day. After some thought, Faith and I think we need to use the rest of the available time this week to learn more about Christ. There is just not enough time after a full workday.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the Old City to discuss options with the Christian center, they had already closed. We did a little window shopping and headed to dinner. Back to the best tacos outside of Tijuana - haha.

Was able to catch Faith taking a post dinner breather as we headed back to the hostel.

The night finished with a little Jazz on the hostel rooftop - not too bad given we are in Jerusalem.

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