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A Pilgrimage with a Twist - Day 13, Part 2

Day 13 continued as we said, "so long for now" to Jerusalem and headed to Tel Aviv for a little reflection and rejuvenation.

Leaving Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem

Like always, the journey started with finding a taxi negotiating the fee. Taxi fares can substantially vary, so it is important to state what you are willing to pay before accepting the ride. It was approximately a 45 minutes ride to the hotel. Along the way, both Faith and I were struggling to stay awake. Faith who typically does not sleep on planes, trains or automobiles, kept fading - likely knowing that this phase of our discovery was behind us - she could now exhale. For me, I could have easily slept, but each time I was close the young taxi driver hit his brakes or made an evasive move, I had to stay awake to keep him focused - haha.

We finally arrived safely at the Publica Isrotel Autograph Hotel, in a resort town just outside of Tel Aviv. After checking in at 1pm, we decided to just stay at the hotel, as it was very nice with good rooftop views of the Mediterranean. Though a bit tired, we were also hungry so we headed to the rooftop for a bite. Faith had the buffalo chicken and I had a burger. Still the food was not as good as it could have been.

We then headed back to the room. I needed a little rest, but Faith changed into her bathing suit and headed back to the rooftop. It was a really cool vibe. She hung out in the pool a bit but likely spent most of the time on social media.

The evening was coming quickly. We both were excited to walk to the beach and marina for a final dinner in Israel, before a morning departure. We also wanted to get to the beach in time for the sunset over the calm waters. We were held up a little bit in the room given I could not find my computer mouse and wanted to relax at a nice restaurant at the marina that evening doing a blog. I finally gave up looking. It was probably left at the hostel. Ugh.

The walk was just a short 10-15 minute walk. We arrived just in the nick of time, as the sun was setting quickly, though Faith took a quick moment to say hello to another kitty.

I had just enough time to capture Faith enjoying her last hours in what is called MENA - the Middle East, North Africa region of the world. Her first time.

It was a wonderful evening in the vibrant marina area. So many people enjoying their Friday night - which is actually Thursday night in Israel. Since their Sabbath is on Saturday, Thursday is their Friday and Saturday is their Sunday. Sunday is a regular work and school day.

So long Israel - until next time...

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