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Meet Dr. Mike

Are you looking for a better way? So am I!


Finding real-world solutions using repeatable basic blocking and tackling strategies is at the core of what connects us. Every person has a unique story to tell, which can be crucial to many others. I want to help you better engage with life, achieve your personal and career goals, and fully develop your story that can be passed on to peers, family, and generations to come.

DoreWaves is my life's work. Through my life's journey, I have found many evidence-based and practical solutions that can help almost any individual find their passion and become much more engaged in life. I've poured myself into creating the most effective and meaningful coaching programs possible because I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has A Path That Fits, and I know what a difference it makes to find it.

An avid enthusiast of pushing boundaries and creating relationships across communities, from corporate boardrooms to the shop floor, from academia to illiteracy of the impoverished, from country clubs to Harley Davidson clubs, what separates us is so much less significant than what connects us. But unfortunately, the perception of self doubt stops progress. In some cases, the hurdles seem so great that many decide not even to try.

My approach to coaching is holistic, balancing the need to get results with a quest for meaning and fulfillment. I'm a deep seeker with a constant itch to make things happen.

In my first career as a management consultant and mergers and acquisitions integrator, I learned to be strategic and produce results. I valued those skills but wasn't using my true gifts and full potential. I wanted something more authentic and meaningful, and I found it in coaching.

I'm grateful to coaching and my clients for challenging me towards continuous growth.


Profile Summary:

  • Worked for several high-profile consultancies and a prestigious law firm holding senior-level positions in each.

  • Currently, specialize in merger and acquisition integration and large-scale program and project management.

  • Successful real estate entrepreneur

  • Executive Director for international non-profit

  • Published Christian researcher

  • Self-proclaimed explorer trekking to many of the most remote places on earth, including some of its highest peaks

  • Master of Business Administration - Pepperdine University

  • Doctor of Education - Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

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