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A Pilgrimage with a Twist - Day 4

Day 4 started so much better for me, not sure it was the advil or just another day getting used to the extreme heat. We made it to the dig site on-time. Faith was immediately asked by the supervisor if she would like to help in the office documenting or marking artifacts. Ultimately the purpose is to create provenance of the artifact and the era of the artifact. Documentation includes depth and the exact geographic location. This is an extremely important step as once all artifacts have been analyzed, papers are written to describe the era of the room in context to the overall dig. For example on the greater dig site, the archeology team has found artifacts dating 500 BC to 200 AD (Roman Period) of a room, Faith and I have been fortunate that the room we are working on has mostly included findings from the period of Jesus which is called the Herodian, (c.55 bc– 93).

Another way to document and tie artifacts to layers is by noting depth level by taking a picture of specific coordinates.

Throughout working during this day, I was talking with one of the administrators and a few other volunteers about the local food. I was asking if they found or know of any good restaurants. The administrator who is from Australia, but lived several years in Oklahoma told the group about this excellent Mexican restaurant. He called the restaurant truly authentic. I would have questioned him on that if he didnt live in Oklahoma. With much anticipation Faith and I quickly cleaned up after work and headed to Taco Luis. Even though it was kosher (no cheese), the tacos, rice, beans, chips, guac, and salsa were all excellent as described. We cant wait to go back!

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